Home Repair Help and Knowledgebase Support

If you are looking for home repair help or support and an expert residential knowledgbase you have come to the right place. This site was designed with you , the homeowner, in mind.

Are you.....
  • Tired of searching high and low for information on the internet that may or may not be accurate?
  • Frustrated with posting questions to forums that get answered days later or sometimes not at all?
  • Feeling cheated when you have to pay a huge fee to join a site just to ask basic questions or open support tickets?
Do you want to......
  • Take pride in your home and perform basic repairs without the help of others?
  • Save money by repairing items that you would normally pay others to do?
  • Attempt to fix something on your home but want a guiding hand if needed?
  • Make sure that when you proceed to hiring someone you are getting the story straight?

If you answered "Yes" to any one of these questions then you have come to the right place. We have designed this website for you personally. 

So how does it work?

Well it is actually quite simple. You sign up and become a member of our community. We have gathered a team of industry professionals that can answer most of your basic questions within hours or sometimes minutes of you asking them. We have also established an extensive knowledge base of articles and links to other websites with accurate and usable information. Once you join this community you receive access to this knowledge base. This knowledge base grows every day and some weeks up to ten new articles are produced on information that will aid you in caring for your home. If you cant find it then don't look for it. Send us a message and we will find it for you. Have an item you want to fix and are not sure about? Send us a message and we will help to answer it for you. 

Ok, sometimes that isn't enough!

We get it. Sometimes you need help directly on a project that you are working on. You need someone standing by your side helping you complete your project. We can do that also. With the advent of all the latest technology we can help you in real time. As a memberyou can open a 1on1 support ticket and we we will  assist you with your task to the end. And depending on what level of membership you apply for, we can help you in real time using video and live chat. Its like your own personal consultant standing over your shoulder.

Do I need special software?

In most cases, no. We receive over 15,000 visitors a month to our YouTube channel and over half of those visitors are accessing the internet through the use of their Portable Devices. So when we decided to build a site for you we did it in a way that would be the most convenient. That means that you do not need to download a fancy App to use our basic services. All areas of the site are accessible through a regular PC, a Mac, Ipad or any other portable device that has an internet connection. The only App you will need to download if you choose is for Video Chat and that is free to use from Tango. 

We start you out right!

Every user has their own personal area where they can save links to their favorite knowledge base articles, store related documents and photos, update account info and open support tickets. When you sign up we will load some of the most used documents to this area so you can get started in the right direction. Once logged in you will then be able to access all knowledge base articles and post messages as you see fit. 

How expensive is this?

Sounds expensive doesn't it? Well, its not. I have seen memberships like this cost as much as $60 dollars a month for the same types of service we offer. Who can afford that? Our basic membership package starts out for free. You must be wondering how we can afford to do that. Its simple. We are already doing it. Since this is a spin-off of our already successful home inspection company we are fully staffed. We answer questions like yours daily and are familiar with all the workings of the home. There may be a day when we have to raise our rates. When that happens your membership will remain the same. We have made it available to anyone who wants to join with little to no risk involved. See below for a comparison of our different levels of membership.

Bronze Level Free Silver Level $1.95 Gold Level $4.95
Message Board
Support Tickets
One on One Chat
Video Support
Monthly Webinars

That's not all!

We are in a position to bring you discounts on all your home needs. Every thing from free alarm systems and satellite television to discounts at Lowe's and Home Depot. We also have our affiliate site, The Residential Repair Network, that will help to connect you to local professionals that are qualified to help you with repairs when the job just becomes too much for you to handle.

So what are you waiting for? Go to our membership page,

Sign Up Now

and start on your road to freedom!